These measures will enhance your school’s site security

RG Security has a long track record in helping schools, colleges and universities with their security arrangements to enable them to better protect their pupils, staff, site and equipment.

Here’s what we’ve found to be the most effective security measures to implement, without impacting school budgets.


The most fundamental security resource remains a strong chainlink fence extending all around the school grounds. The work can be undertaken by any fencing contractor, but we'd recommend getting specialist input from a security pro.

CCTV systems

A modern CCTV system will be capable of relaying sharp, full-colour pictures from all the key areas of your facility to storage in the cloud, with round-the-clock access for authorised staff.

CCTV has always had an excellent deterrent effect.

Access Control

In most parts of the business world, access restrictions are a fact of life. Everyone entering a building is issued with an electronically-keyed badge that monitors their movements and grants personalised access privileges (so, for example, a visitor might be allowed to enter the cafeteria but not the research lab). While such systems may be impractical in school environments, the principle that every single visitor should show valid ID and sign in and out is an important one – and a good security consultant can advise on implementing the right procedures.


School administrators will be familiar with alarm drills, and most will have experience of turning the key on a government-approved fire alarm and watching staff and pupils gathering at assembly points.

While modern alarm systems are well-suited to such operations, they can also be used to provide other kinds of notification – for example, paging assistance to a reception area, or alerting nominated security contacts if a particular door is opened without authorisation. RG Security can offer specialist assistance in this complex, highly-technical area.

Manned guarding

The hire of on-site security guards will seem like overkill...until the day you experience a critical incident. But it isn't always easy to find a competent partner company for a sensitive environment like a school. RG Security's status as a Security Industry Authority-approved provider is your guarantee that you can trust our discretion and good sense, as well as our diligence.

Out-of-hours mobile patrols

School might finish at 3.30pm, but criminal activity is a 24-hour affair. It's a good idea to organise an out-of-hours patrol to guard your premises and your expensive capital equipment.

We hope our brief guide has given you plenty to think about. To receive advice and guidance from the specialists at RG Security, give us a ring on 023 8181 0000 or email