Security checklist for commercial fit out companies

An integral part of an office fit-out project that often gets left until the last minute, is security. But we understand that transforming a vacant building into the hub of someone’s enterprise can be stressful enough, so we have put together this quick security checklist, ready for your next fit-out project.

Why security is important

According to a 2018 survey by office furniture company Kit Out, £190m worth of company property goes missing every year, much of it during office moves.

Some of those crimes count as 'casual theft'. Some of them are likely to be the work of insiders. All of them undermine the relationship between fit-out company and client…which is a shame, because most of them are preventable.


To get a grip on security, schedule it into the initial planning sessions.

At RG Security, we're delighted to be involved in such preliminary discussions. Besides enabling us to make our own particular contribution to the attainment of short-term goals, they give us an opportunity to talk about long-term security considerations.

In the months before the move, it tends to be those short-term issues that get people exercised, so your client might not give much priority to alarm systems and keycarding. Our advice is to make sure that long-term issues stay on the agenda.

No one likes discussing wiring schemes, but no one wants their CCTV system to look like an afterthought, either!

New site security

Of course, the considerations above are doubly applicable if the premises into which you’re moving your client are newly-built. Securing a building site is a logistical challenge, and a security specialist like RG will always be your best bet when it comes to manned guarding, alarm response and so on.

Access control

Whether you’re moving your client into a new building or a well-used office block, precautions need to be taken to ensure only approved individuals access the site.

Casual thieves will often try to gain entry when they see a relocation in progress. They’re likely to have some sense of the layout of the premises, which may mean that they escape a challenge if staff believe them to be 'part of the move'.

Make sure that your removals crew knows to close outside doors behind them and remember...door wedges are your enemy!


At RG Security, we're known for our advocacy of CCTV systems. The recent switch from tape to digital recording and the availability of high-res, low-cost cameras has made such systems more accessible than ever before.

We'd recommend a whole-office system as part of the long-term planning, but we're aware that, during the move, time is of the essence. How about a strategic install that gives you oversight of the lift, entrance area and fire exits, and provides coverage of sensitive areas like the IT and HR departments? A minimal CCTV installation could make all the difference.

Entry systems

The definitive solution to access issues is, of course, to install access controls or entry systems. A modern timelock system with attendance tracking will be a long-term benefit to your clients, and handy for you during the move...especially if you can integrate it with the CCTV system to provide mugshots of every arrival.

Patrol team

Of course, security systems like the ones described above won't police the premises for you. If you’re organising a move that involves sensitive data or very expensive equipment, you might consider hiring an experienced patrol team for the duration.

But you can also achieve a lot by getting your client to brief their staff…or briefing them yourself. They should be encouraged to talk to people they don’t recognise ("How can I help?" is a great challenge), and to carry their new ID cards.

Car park monitoring

If you follow our advice, you’ll reduce the chances of your client’s premises being invaded by casual thieves...but the villains may transfer their attentions elsewhere. What about the car park?

Our advice is to keep the barriers up throughout the move. People are inclined to take advantage when a property is unoccupied, and blocking unauthorised vehicles will discourage casual interlopers. This is a great opportunity for your client to install better lighting outside the building, too. Movement detectors or keycard switches will make everyone feel safer, especially in winter.

That's a lot to think about, so focus on just one point for…if maintaining good security practices starts to feel like tall order, it's a sign that you need help. Call RG Security on 023 8181 0000.