How to protect your business’ premises when unoccupied

Businesses are often vulnerable to break ins even in the best of times; however, in these unprecedented times, many more business premises will now be left unoccupied. To help you ensure your business property is as secure as possible, we have put together this short guide on ‘How to protect your business’ premises when they are unoccupied’. We hope you find it helpful.

When implementing security measures, you should work towards four aims – to make the crime more difficult to commit, to increase the chance of the criminal being caught, to reduce the attraction to commit the crime in the first place, and to lessen any potential reward for the criminal.

There are a number of steps you can take to deter any potential threat to your premises. We’ve listed them below:

Assess your premises

Before you consider implementing any security measures, you should carry out a full inspection of your premises, either yourself or via a professional security provider. This will help you uncover any vulnerable areas of the premises, in particular:

  • Side / back of premises

  • Roof

  • Entry points

  • Outbuildings

  • Loading bays

Intruders will mostly enter the property at night when the building is likely to be vacant and the area is quiet, so think about what other security measures you can implement – is the exterior of the property adequately lit, are the entry points securely locked, can the roof be accessed from the outside?

You should also consider moving any valuable pieces of equipment out of sight, as it can decrease the likelihood of a break-in. Likewise, try and leave as little money as possible in your property when it is vacant.

Implement security features

Once you’ve assessed your property, you can start to implement the necessary security measures. These may include:

  • Sensor lighting

  • Alarm system

  • CCTV

  • Security warning signage

  • Robust locks

  • Shutters / grilles for entry points

Carry out regular checks

Even when your property has been kitted out with the appropriate security measures, it’s sensible to carry out regular spot checks to ensure the security of your premises. In these unusual times, this may not be possible, but if it is, ensure it is done. In particular, check the locks for general wear and tear, including any alarms or cameras you’ve had fitted.

Secure your business

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