Clapping for security workers

In the space of just a few months, security workers have gone from guarding high-risk sites, responding to security alerts and monitoring surveillance systems, to assisting local communities and government bodies in combating a global pandemic – something that not many people may have envisioned for the traditional security role.

As the UK continues to battle COVID-19, it’s clear that the role of the security worker has been crucial in helping to support critical UK infrastructures to keep the country going. However, amongst the outpouring of support for keyworkers, it feels sometimes that the humble security officer has been somewhat overlooked.

The change in supermarket security

Since Boris’ lockdown announcement, the presence of a security guard outside supermarkets has become commonplace, to limit the number of people entering the shop at any one time and to ensure social distancing is maintained throughout. On top of this, security workers are being tasked with the role of managing special shopping hours, making sure key workers and vulnerable people have access to their dedicated shopping slot.

Prior to the outbreak, the role of retail security was very much geared towards theft prevention and employee safety.

The rise in mobile patrols

On-site guarding, keyholding and CCTV surveillance are just a fraction of the roles conducted by security workers. But with many high street stores, retail parks and offices shut until recently, there has been a sharp rise in the need for mobile patrols to ensure the safety of vacant commercial, retail and office premises.

CCTV and alarm system maintenance has also seen an increase, as companies prepare to re-enter their premises and start using their systems more actively.

Policing on-site safety

Particularly relevant for construction sites, many security workers have been tasked with enforcing COVID-19 hygiene guidelines, to keep employees safe and help reduce the risk of infection. On top of policing social distancing measures, security workers will assist with the sanitisation of on-site equipment and fully cleanse any communal areas.

On the brighter side…

Not all security workers went under the radar though. There are two security workers in particular that have caught our attention throughout this pandemic. At a large supermarket chain in Leicester, two security guards took matters into their own hands to spread some much-needed positivity and put smiles on the faces of customers as they wait to enter the store. The dancing duo busted out some impressive moves to YMCA and Big Fish, Little Fish, Cardboard Box.

Whilst the role of security workers may not have be as widely celebrated as that of other frontline heroes; such as NHS staff, teachers, care home workers and supermarket staff, RG Security wanted to take this opportunity to recognise and applaud these outstanding women and men who have undertaken (and continue to do so) crucial work to keep everyone safe and secure during this pandemic. Thank you to you all.