Case Study: Office Fit-Out Company


Office fit-out and relocation specialist in the south east


In their 10 years of operation, the client has been called upon to handle everything from small office refurbs, to cross-country relocations.

In 2020, a new client specialising in insurance for luxury cars, requested a Zoom meeting with the fit-out’s MD. After 5 years of aggressive expansion, the client was on the point of outgrowing its existing headquarters, and the senior partners were keen to appoint an office fit-out company to assist with a relocation project to the south east.

They’d need new premises with offices for the core team, meeting rooms, consultation stations, a call centre with workstations for 15 staff…and a ‘trophy room’ to display the chairman’s collection of motoring memorabilia to favoured clients. Help would be needed to pinpoint suitable premises, plan the relocation, handle the fit-out, and manage the logistics.

Given the amount of commercial property left vacant because of COVID, the MD had no concerns about finding a suitable location for the client.

But, while his company had handled dozens of relocations, this one would involve motorsports heirlooms valued at more than half a million pounds. It was clear a security partner was required.

The MD had heard of the Security Industry Authority and the 'SIA Approved' scheme, which is where he came across RG Security - one of the south coast's leading SIA-approved security companies.


The MD led a small fit-out team, accompanied by two staff from RG Security, to meet his client's senior management. Together, they would visit the site which was destined to become the client’s new HQ.

The MD had turned up the location – the former site of a two-storey cold store in an industrial suburb, midway between Portsmouth and Southampton. The building had been demolished after standing derelict for some years and rebuilding had begun, but the pandemic had led the developers to put their plans on hold. In effect, the fit-out team was showing its clients around a vacant lot.

The client team all loved the site, but the chairman expressed reservations about entrusting his precious collection to the movers. The RG team were able to provide on-the-spot reassurance, sketching out a rota for a manned guarding service, and showing the managers exactly how new chainlink perimeter fencing and motion-controlled light systems would be placed along the remaining walls to ensure complete security.

RG Security followed up those initial discussions with a written action plan that the MD was able to present alongside the fit-out proposal. The RG document formalised the manned guarding rota, layout of the chainlink and the security lighting, and added tool storage lockers for the builders and motion-controlled alarms for the trophy room.

Building works commenced ten days after the submission of the proposal, and the move was complete before spring 2021.


The project was a complete success. The fit-out and RG teams worked closely with construction crews throughout the build and fit-out.

RG's access control system ensured only appropriately-cleared staff were allowed on-site.