Case Study: Local Housing Construction Site

A prestige development proved to be a logistical challenge...but RG Security came through with flying colours.


Property developers in Hampshire


The client specialises in prestige waterside projects. This gated development at one of the county’s most popular sailing locations was their largest to date. When completed, it would comprise 140 flats and houses built on the site of a disused dry-dock complex and overlooking a long-established yacht club.

The client employed a talented team of architects and planners. There was no doubt that, on completion, the handsome dwellings with their sweeping curved fronts and graceful balconies would find a ready market.

But, meanwhile, the site was proving to be a challenge.

The location on a river gave every passing vessel a clear view into the works, so that the arrival of every piece of capital equipment could be noted.

Worse, the fact that the dock complex had been disused for the better part of two decades meant that local youths, who had long since broken down the rusty chainlink, regarded it as common ground. Graffiti tags proliferated faster than they could be painted over, and the team who carried out the initial site clean-up reported nasty out-of-hours encounters.


The client’s head of project wasted no time. He drew up a shortlist of all the SIA-approved security companies in the area capable of standing up round-the-clock patrols.

RG Security was one of the client’s first calls, and we were delighted to quote on the provision of 24-hour on-site monitoring via manned guarding services. We made that initial quote based on a detailed site survey that also enabled us to sketch out a cost-effective plan for new chainlink fencing around the entire perimeter of the site, and we consulted closely with the project manager in order to draw up a route plan that would take our two-officer patrols around a series of nominated checkpoints at 30-minute intervals.

We were able to offer additional reassurance via automated check-ins keyed to ID badges. The client also asked us to liaise with their on-site facilities management team to make more detailed proposals for equipment security.

We delivered a modified quote recommending the installation of high-security storage containers with robust locking systems, and dedicated proximity sensors for high-value plant and tools. We also recommended the addition of high-power motion-sensitive arclights to our initial chainlink plans.

The client decided against our 'Plan B' infrared cameras, opting instead for a high-res digital CCTV system that relayed imagery direct to the Cloud.


Being one of the most prestigious housing developments in the area, we're extremely proud of our contribution to the project.

We maintained a zero-damage, zero-theft record across the site. And, we're pleased to note that the fenceline we established to separate the site from the local woods was co-opted by the client’s landscaping team in laying out the grounds of the complex.