Case Study: 4-star hotel


A 4-star country house hotel set on 14 acres of land


It had been announced that the hotel had gone into administration, which called for an effective security solution to secure the facility in the short and longer-term.


On appointment, RG Security was required to conduct a full site survey to review the premises and identify any weak areas. At the time, the hotel’s employees were unaware of the situation, which meant RG Security had to remain discreet at all times.

Following a 3-hour tour of the facility, RG Security were faced with:

  • Incredibly weak doors and windows – a direct target for intruders

  • Hostile staff members – a potential threat for violence and internal theft

  • Unrepaired damage from previous break-ins

  • Cash-strapped owners that weren’t in a position to implement vital security measures


During an external review of the premises, the hotel was found to have 6 shed-like outbuildings, all without locks, containing both new and used catering equipment, worth an estimated £20,000. A bin area containing 16 industrial-sized wheelie bins was also discovered, which from years of experience in the field, have been known to be used as a means for thieves to break in through top windows. RG Security made it a priority to secure all units with robust locking systems.

Following this, an internal review of the hotel revealed weak doors and windows, making it a direct target for intruders. Initially, RG Security recommended covering all fire exits, except from one on each floor, with metal sheets that would protect them from being broken down, but this posed a problem for the owners, who were trying to market the hotel to prospective buyers. In response, RG Security suggested sealing the exits with metal strips instead; which weren’t offensive to the eye, but still offered the same level of protection.

Next, RG Security identified that an overnight guard, routine patrols and a dog unit was required to secure the 14 acres of land. RG Security appointed one guard to patrol the inside of the hotel and two guards for the outside, one of which had a guard dog.

Because nearly all fire exits had been sealed off using metal strips, RG Security were tasked with mapping out new escape routes for the internal guard, to ensure their safety in the event of a fire.

Hourly patrols were then undertaken inside the hotel and 30-minute external patrols were actioned by the outside guards.


As expected, the hotel was subject to a number of challenges – numerous attempted break-ins, travellers attempting to move in on-site and unruly youths trying to vandalise the building, to name just a few. RG Security was well-equipped to tackle every potential threat.

To date, RG Security’s combined security measures of manned guarding, dog patrols and void property management, has successfully combated all potential threats. All equipment, assets and the building itself have remained in the state they were left at the point of the going into administration.

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